01 Consulting

Individual advice makes our process intelligent.
At Lang Recycling, qualified and experienced staff will advise you on all questions regarding metal recycling. Whether you need a holistic, individual disposal concept, or want to find out about sorting, products or the current market situation: Lang Recycling advises new and existing customers personally, competently and always has the right answers.

02 Logistics

Logistics that are tailored to your requirements.
Lang Recycling works with a systematic approach. A tailor-made, software-based logistics concept is part of your care-free package. With intelligent container logistics and closely-monitored, cross-process documentation, we make the process more transparent and efficient.

We want everything to be right for you.
Whether for delivery or pick-up: our large fleet of vehicles, the company-owned freight locomotives and direct rail connection, as well as the extensive selection of approx. 3,000 containers, we can provide you with just-in-time or just-in-sequence service 24 hours a day. Fast, smooth and efficient; both in Germany and internationally.

03 Grading

With technology and know-how to your optimal product.
We take things seriously in the weighing process, grading and analysis. This enables us to offer our business partners transparency, the best possible utilization and always the right product.

After weighing it, the metal is analyzed using a hand-held analyzer or in our modern and extensively equipped laboratory.
Through detailed sample preparation and accurate analysis by means of optical emission spectrometry and the use of state-of-the-art software, we can accurately determine alloys. The results are documented and fed directly into our ERP system. This is how we make the process more efficient in an intelligent way.

04 Processing

A great product variety for you and a relief for the environment.
Through our state-of-the-art and diverse processing plants, we can offer our customers a large product portfolio and always the quality they want. Five balers- and just as many briquetters, aluminum shredder, scrap shears and many other machines ensure that the form always meets the precise requirements. We find an intelligent solution to every problem and also return problematic waste, such as emulsions, to the recycling chain through innovative recycling methods.

Professional storage and process-accompanying controls guarantee the quality of our products.
In doing so, we always have environmental and groundwater protection in mind. That’s why there is a HDPE film under our entire site. Particularly sensitive areas are additionally monitored by sensors.

05 Trading

Versatile, flexible and always with the best recommendations.
Whether large quantities or niche products, thanks to the large warehouse, our fleet of vehicles and our own railway siding, we can optimally serve almost any customer request from lorry to block train – around the clock, just in time, just in sequence, throughout Germany and internationally. With well-planned processes and our business intelligence system, we adjust inventory levels to ensure supply security for our customers at all times. During the consultation, we think ahead and recommend alternatives to your desired product on request. Our prices are always fair and in line with market conditions.  Through this we reconsidered our sales process and smartly optimized it to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Your benefits as a result of
our well-planned process.