Industrial Customers



Clever metal recycling adapts to the different requirements of our customers. That’s why we always start with a detailed consultation. Based on this, we create a multitude of advantages through thought-out and individual processes and concepts.

More Service

From consultancy to the right logistics concept.

Our qualified and experienced employees analyze the status quo together with you. The result is a holistic and intelligent disposal concept that is perfectly tuned to your needs and contains detailed planning of measures. We also offer training for your employees in order to optimize your disposal processes. We constantly check the concept for improvement potential – even beyond the actual process. An individual, software-based logistics concept is part of the service range and is tailored to your needs. Our large fleet of vehicles and efficient logistics partners enable us to react flexibly and pick up your production residues twenty-four seven.

  • Consultation by experienced and competent employees
  • Individual holistic disposal concept
  • Logistics concept adapted to your needs

More Economic Value

Our expertise saves you money and improves your scrap earnings.

Your holistic, well-planned disposal concept makes the disposal process in your company more efficient. On request, we can also advise you on your processes, such as sorting and container logistics. Through our experienced sales department, we always offer you competitive prices that are adapted to market changes on a monthly basis and can be linked to common indices such as the BDSV price and LME rates.

  • Increased efficiency through an intelligent disposal concept
  • Consultation right through to your production processes on request
  • A fair, competitive and sustainable price


This range makes life easier.

We buy almost all metallic production residues. Even problematic waste, such as metal turnings with emulsions, is not a problem for us, because we are constantly developing innovative and intelligent methods to recycle these substances as well. Of course, we have all the necessary certifications. Due to our large fleet of vehicles and the variety of containers, we always have exactly the right solution for almost all your requirements.

  • Purchase of almost all production residues, including problematic waste
  • Development of innovative processing methods
  • Always the right logistics solution for every requirement


We ensure your safety.

We do not take any risks during processing and disposal. This is confirmed by our certified quality and environmental management which goes beyond the legal requirements. Our entire site is secured with HDPE film and is monitored by sensors in particularly sensitive places. This allows us to not only protect the environment and especially the groundwater, but also help you to comply with your own polluter liabilites. Thanks to our dynamic logistics and efficient processes, we can also respond quickly and flexibly to the challenges you face in every situation. The professional weighing process and intelligent, computer-assisted container and grading management additionally offer transparency.

  • Certified quality and environmental management
  • Disposal and recycling beyond legal requirements
  • Flexibility and fast reaction time in disposal
  • Security and transparency through a professional weighing process, as well as container and grading management


Environmental protection worth pursuing.

It’s not only what we do that actively contributes to resource and environmental protection, but, above all, how we do it. Optimal technical equipment allows us to process production residues completely and return them to the recycling chain. In addition, our clever grading management and processing can help prevent “down-cycling” into substandard grades. With regard to environmental protection, we think and act holistically, too. Our sophisticated noise protection concepts protect residents from noise pollution. And in addition to our measures to protect soil and groundwater, we equip our lorry fleet with telematics tools to save CO2.

  • Complete processing of production residues
  • No “down-cycling” thanks to clever grading management and processing
  • Certified environmental management and safety measures beyond requirements