Technical Equipment

Optimally equipped
for clever
metal recycling.


In order to be able to process production residues, you not only need expertise, but also the corresponding technical equipment. Lang Recycling offers both and, thanks to comprehensive analysis and processing systems as well as individual logistics solutions, can always deliver the optimum product in the desired quantity at the right time.

Processing Systems

  • 5 balers (30x30cm and 40x40cm bales)
  • 1 turning crushers
  • 5 briquetters (70-200mm diameter), incl. stationary and mobile turning screening machine
  • 1 aluminum shredder (4-shaft cutter) with downstream separation unit
  • Stationary 850t scrap shear
  • Mobile container shear
  • Mobile alligator shears

Environmental equipment

  • Wastewater treatment (electrolytic flotation)
  • Vacuum evaporation for the preparation of emulsions
  • Double HDPE films partly with sensor monitoring
  • Several coalescing and one oil separator
  • Special drip tray on many trucks for transporting wet turnings and scraps
  • Special waterproof containers


  • Truck workshop (with own main inspection acceptance)
  • Container workshop with paint shop and TÜV approval
  • Construction metalworks
  • Workshop for mobile machinery (excavators, forklifts, cranes, wheel loaders)
  • Maintenance for stationary machines
  • Electrical workshop

Radioactivity Control

  • Examination of all incoming and outgoing goods for radioactivity
  • Side and head detectors on truck scales
  • Radioactivity measuring device in the track system

Mobile Machines

  • 23 material excavators
  • 14 forklifts
  • 4 stationary loading cranes
  • 2 wheel loaders


  • More than 40 lorries, some with special drip trays for the transport of wet turnings and scraps
  • More than 3000 containers, including a large proportion of waterproof containers
  • Our own railway transport operations
  • 3 locomotives, including 1 factory locomotive and 2 for external traffic


  • Precise alloy determination using several spectral analyzers (optical emission spectrometry)
    • Professional sample preparation by grinding, turning and crushing as well as melting in the induction melting furnace
    • Use of re-profiled and standardized reference samples
  • Residual oil determination by Soxhlet extraction
  • Residual moisture determination
  • Determination of the particle size distribution by sieve analysis
  • Determination of the magnetic content of turnings
  • Software-based analysis management
  • In addition to our analyses in the company laboratory, we also offer continuous quality assurance with a total of 11 hand-held analyzers (X-ray fluorescence and LIBS)


  • 11 scales with interface to the ERP system:
    • 4 truck scales
    • 2 track scales
    • 5 precise metal scales for smaller quantities